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vyasmaharaj 17 years of experience

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We also undertake "Homam - Sacrifice to Agni - Fire God " for all below mentioned mantra Diksha

Sun Mantra Moon Mantra Mars / Mangal Mantra
Om Hram Hrim Hroum Sah : Suryay Namah Om Shram Shrim Shroum Sah : Chandray Namah Om Kram Krim Kroum Sah : Bhoumaay Namah
Rahu Mantra Ketu Mantra Venus Mantra
Om Bhram Bhrim Bhroum Sah : Rahve Namah Om Stram Strim Stroum sah : Ketve Namah Om Dram Drim Droum Sah : Shukray Namah
Jupiter Mantra Mercury Mantra Shani Mantra
Om Gram Grim Groum Sah : Guruve Namah Om Bram Brim Broum Sah : Budhay Namah Om Pram Prim Proum Sah : Shaniye Namah
To Marry a person of your choice  - Matrimonial Services
We can do Jaap for You :  Yantras will be provided too
For Attraction of opposite sex :

Zhaam Zhaam Zhaam Haam Haam Haam Hem Hem

12500 Jaap ( Recitation)

Rs. 12500/-  only

Om Hrim Raksh Raksh Chamundey turu turu ( name of lady ) Aakarshay Aakarshay hrim

12500 Jaap ( Recitation )

Rs. 12500/- only

Om Bhagawate rudray Om Chamundey ( Name of Lady ) Vashmaanay Swaha

12500 Jaap ( Recitation )

Rs. 12500/-  only
Accidental profit and winning Lottery

Om Hrim Kali Kankali Kiley Kiley Swaha

12500 Jaap ( Recitation )

Rs. 12500/-
For gaining lots of Money,   Kuber Bhandaar like- Kuber Yantra

Om klim hrim shrim shrim hrim krim vim viteshwaraay namah

21000 Jaap ( Recitation )

Rs. 21000/-  only

Career / Business / Love / Marriage / Pregnancy / Education / Wealth:

Detail Reports Only Rs.799 each

Your Question :

Your Free question Worth Rs.199

Note :  Please provide all the details like DOB, POB, Birth Time and be precise , about what you want to Ask ?

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