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Top BusinessMen MUKESH AMBANI 's Horoscope

ask questios about mukesh ambani kundli horoscope
In this blog every week , I will analyse 1 Rich and Famous personality horoscope, and will see how many yogas this horoscope has which made the person so Rich and Powerful

This week's  Horoscope is Mukesh Ambani's Horoscope.

As you see in above Kundli has 14 Raj Yoga which made him so Rich and Powerful.
1)  Vesi  yog
2)  Nipuna yog
3)  Anphaa yog
4)  Kaahala yog
5)  Chaamara yog
6)  Sankha yog
7)  Vidyut
8)  Tapaswi - Sadhu  yog
9)  Hari Yog
10) Raja Yog
11)  Laksmi Yog
12)  Raj Sambanda Yog
13) Yogada Yog
14)  Yogkaraka

He achived Successs with his Intellect and scholarly character.
He will continue to rule the Business industry

He is of Good character and also has dream to make India No.1 in all the  aspect.

He was the 1st one to bring mobile to Common Man's reach.

With JIO he revolutionised the Telecom Industry

He is true  Business Leader .and will continue to grow.

His GURU Mahadasa will run till 2035 which means he will achive success and rule the industry till this period.

He will make millions during his GURU mahadasa.
GURU  is  placed

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