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Nakshatra / Constellation  : Bharni
Bharani is the second nakshatra of Vedic Astrology which corresponds to 35, 39 and 41 arietis. It is ruled by Shukra or the planet Venus and is also classified as a cruel or active nakshatra. This means that under electional astrological beliefs, works of a harmful or deceptive nature are best conducted while the moon is Bharani. This nakshatra remains under the domain of Yama, who is the Hindu god of death. It is symbolically represented by the Yoni which is the female sexual organ.

Famous People Born Under Bharani Nakshatra

Famous Bharani Nakshatra Females

Rosalynn Carter, Monica Lewinsky, Asha Bhosle, Savitri Kommareddy, Christina Aguilera, Ekta Kapoor, Meryl Streep, Anjeze Gonxhe Bojazhiu (Mother Teresa), Demi Moore, Ivian Sarcos, Lindsay Lohan, M S Subbalakshmi, Maria Gabriela Isler, Imelda Marcos

Famous Bharani Nakshatra Males

Ellison Onizuka, Rudolf Diesel, Ian Fleming, Carl G Jung, Edger Casey, Emmanuel Macron, Ronald Reagan, Swami Sivananda, Chris Brown, Dharmendra Singh Deol, Karl Marx, Orson Welles

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