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Nakshatra / Constellation  : Magha
Colour: Ivory/Cream
Lucky letters: M

The tenth Naksharta is Magha. It is observed that the Jatakas born under this usually have a noticeable neck and hairy physique. They also have moles in their hands and armpits. Those born in this star are selfless and sincere in all spheres of life. They are usually peace loving and soft-spoken. They show expertise in many, subjects and are receive accolades from learned. They are also exposed to various scriptures. They are champions of their culture and will devote maximum time for the betterment of the society at large and their community in particular. Most of them achieve the distinguishable identity during their lifetime among their community. Due to their ?on your face? approach, they are not successful in business and sort carrier where unethical practices are involved. However, they try very hard to refrain from hurting others through their demeanor. Many of them are found to be having asthmatic complaints, apart from cancer and blood related disorders. The female born of this star will have a negative trait of having rift with her in-laws and husbands.

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