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Nakshatra / Constellation  : shrawan
Colour: Light Blue
Lucky letters: K

Jatakas of Shravana Nakshatra are often characterized by their small but attractive countenance. More often that not, some kind of facial disfigurement also is noticed. Noted for their sweet talks and neatness of work, the Shravana-Jatakas cannot take anything untidy. They also are known for their taste for good food. They are usually peaceful, religious and principled. They are also blessed with the capability of multi-tasking. However, it is noted that the Jatakas born under this Nakshatra usually lead average lives. However, their family lives are extra ordinarily happy and smooth. It is observed that the natives perform well in the fields of technology and engineering. Professions related to oil and petroleum often proves beneficial for them. While the Jataka experiences numerous changes in lie during the first three decades of his/her life, things do tend to settle down well after that and the ensuing 15 years mark all-round settlement. Ear problems, skin disease, eczema, rheumatism, tuberculosis and indigestion may however cause great concern for the Jatakas of this Nakshatra

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askquestions askquestions askquestions askquestions askquestions

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