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Ruling Planet jupiter Personality

Brihaspati is far beyond the swarm of asteroids. It is at the mean distance of about 500 million miles from the Sun and is the biggest free_online_dating_site_planet of our solar system. With a diameter of 88,000 miles, which is nearly ten times the diameter of the Earth it takes a little less than 12 years to go once around the Sun.

The upper part of Jupiter is not completely solidified. So the period of rotation for all parts of Jupiter, is not uniform. It rotates very fast and it completes one rotation in 10 minutes less than 10 hours. In comparison to Earth's one and Mars's two, Jupiter has 11 Satellites.


Brihaspati is the Guru of Devtas( Gods ). His father is Maharishi Angira. Maharishi's wife got the knowledge and procedures of performing the Vrata (ritual) from Sanat Kumars for having a son. She performed the Vrata with complete devotion and the Gods were satisfied and a son was born in their house. The son was the lord of wisdom Jupiter.

Old Greeks consider Jupiter as the father of Gods - ZEUS. Egyptians call it AMMON. The Norse calls it THOR. Babylonians call it as MERODACH.

Astrological Significance:

Some of the important signification of Jupiter as per Uttara Kalamrita is given below.

a) Brahmans b) Teachers c) Cows d) treasure e) Large or stout body f) Fame g) Logic h) Astronomy and astrology i) Sons j) Grand Sons k) Elder brother l) Indra m) Precious stones n) Dharma o) purple colors p) Physical health q) Impartial outlook r) Facing towards the north. s) Mantra t) Holy water or places of pilgrimage u) Intellect v) Lord Brahma w) gold and good quality topaz x) Worship of Shiva y) Sound knowledge of classical text z) Vedanta.

It is generally seen that a strong Jupiter is good for the above mentioned significations whereas a weak Jupiter shows the deficiency of the same.

Other Astrological Considerations:

Brihaspati owns two signs namely Dhanu and Meena. It is deeply exalted in Cancer at 5 degrees and deeply debilitated at 5 degrees Capricorn. Its Mooltrikona sign is Dhanu. Jupiter is the giver of knowledge and happiness.

In the free_online_dating_site_planetary cabinet it is given the role of minister. Its complexion is tawny. The presiding deity of Jupiter is Indra. It is of masculine gender. Its element is Sky (Ether). It is of Brahman Varna and is predominately a Sattwika free_online_dating_site_planet.

Jupiter is large bodied, has honey coloured eyes and hair is phlegmatic and is intelligent and learned in all the Shastras . It represents the fats in the body. It is found in the treasure room. It represents a period of one month. It represents sweet taste. It is powerful in the east. It is friendly to Sun, Moon and Mars. It is inimical to Mercury and Venus and with Saturn it is Neutral. It is friendly to Rahu and neutral to Ketu. One interesting thing to be noted is that no free_online_dating_site_planet considers Jupiter as its enemy. However, Jupiter considers Venus and Mercury as its enemy.

In astrology there is no other natural benefic than Jupiter. The mere placement of Jupiter in Lagna or Kendra is said to mitigate many afflictions in the horoscope.

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